Organizational Vision
“We are a construction contractor who emphasizes on expertise, efficiency, quality and satisfaction beyond customers’ expectation.”
To provide construction service
with quality and efficiency to meet customers’ demand and to be their first concern.
To seek good alliances
for the purpose of business growth.
To provide proper returns
To shareholders and employees
The main goal on the current business is to become a leading construction company whose targets are industrial factory, large steel-structure construction, and hospital. T is skillful at civil-engineering work and installation of engineering systems. Besides, T intends to expand its service through petrochemicals business, including residential building, office building, and shopping mall.
To expand value of construction project
into large construction projects among various customers, including private company such as industrial factory, large steel-structure construction, hospital, condominium, office building and shopping mall for the purpose of the expansion of customer base and diversification.
To achieve cost control efficiently
by implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.
To utilize technologies
in construction projects to support efficient operations.
To operate high-quality construction
in order to gain the highest customer satisfaction and to return their business. Consequently, T’s works are reliable and used as references for customers in the future.
To provide human resources
to sufficiently support the upcoming construction projects.
To develop human resources and to hold staff trainings
to be knowledgeable and expertise in construction service.
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T Engineering Corporation Public Company Limited
15th Floor, Rajanakarn Building, 3 South Sathorn Road,Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
TEL : 02-018-7190-8 FAX : 02-018-7199